Last Week for the Exhibits “Anatomy of a Film Clip” and “Strength and Compassion”

19 Jan

This is the last week to view the exhibits “”Anatomy of a Film Clip” and “Strength and Compassion” currently in Olin Library, Main Level.

Anatomy of a Film Clip

Image from "Eyes on the Prize II" teaser, showing striking sanitation workers in Memphis, TN - 1968.

This exhibit takes a short film clip, the teaser for the series “Eyes on the Prize II” and shows examples of the various elements and components that went into creating this two-minute section of film.

Examples of the various elements shown include photographs, illustrations, storyboards, stock footage tapes, scripts, outlines, treatments, transcripts of interviews, pre-interview audio tapes, books and other documents used in the pre-production research phase.

Exhibit curated by David Rowntree, Alison Carrick, and Irene Taylor.

Strength and Compassion

This exhibit was sponsored by the Film and Media Archive in support of a lecture and book signing by Rhodes Scholar and Navy Seal, Eric Greitens. The exhibition features a selection of images from Eric’s award-winning book, Strength & Compassion. For more information about Eric Greitens and his book, combining international humanitarian photography work with a striking series of essays, see

The exhibition seeks to educate communities about the impact of genocide and demonstrates what we can learn from survivors who have lived through some of the world’s most horrific circumstances.


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