Pruitt Igoe Exhibition Now Opens July 25

25 Jul

The Film & Media Archive co-sponsored a screening of the award-winning documentary, The Pruitt-Igoe Myth last fall. The film has continued to be screened at festivals and theaters across the country and now an exhibition on the Pruitt-Igoe site opens in St. Louis. The exhibition is sponsored by the Old North St. Louis Restoration Group. This exhibition and event presents the winner and 31 finalists in Pruitt Igoe Now  an ideas competition that explored the potential of the currently vacant 33-acre site of the former housing project.

The Call of Ideas for the competition and more information about the competition can be found at Pruitt Igoe Now.

Entrants in Pruitt Igoe Now came from a wide variety of disciplines and explored futures that included design intervention, urban redevelopment, agriculture, cultural memorialization and forest management. The program includes remarks from Bob Hansman, Associate Professor of Architecture at Washington University in St. Louis and a competition juror, artist and cultural activist Juan William Chavez, creator of the Pruitt-Igoe Bee Sanctuary, Michael Allen, Director of the Preservation Research Office and competition manager, Nora Wendl, Assistant Professor of Architecture at Portland State University and finalists in the competition.


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