National Film Registry Nominations

28 Sep

Henry Hampton interviews William B. Huie for “Eyes on the Prize”

The Library of Congress is seeking nominations for the National Film Registry.Members of the public are invited to submit their suggestions. The registry seeks nominations of films that are “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.”

The Film & Media Archive is asking people to nominate Eyes on the Prize: American’s Civil Right Years 1954-1965. The series, created and produced by Henry Hampton, is culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant. Hampton set out to tell the story of the Civil Rights Movement from multiple perspectives, but most importantly, from the people who made up the movement. Previous documentaries had focused on the leaders of the movement whose contributions, while undeniably important, were not the whole story. This six part series which debuted on PBS stations, is considered to be the definitive documentary on the Civil Rights Movement. Eyes on the Prize won more than twenty major awards and attracted over 20 million viewers.

That is why we are asking member of the public to nominate Eyes on the Prize: American’s Civil Right Years 1954-1965 for the National Film Registry. To nominate the film, follow this link. The official selections will be announced in December.


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