Screening of Scarred Justice: The Orangeburg Massacre 1968 with producer Judy Richardson

10 Apr
Still from Scarred Justice

Still from Scarred Justice

Screening of Scarred Justice: The Orangeburg Massacre 1968 with producer Judy Richardson

Free Screening
April 23, 2015
7:30 PM
Etta Eiseman Steinberg Auditorium
6465 Forsyth Blvd., Danforth Campus

Join us for a free screening of Scarred Justice: The Orangeburg Massacre 1968.

Followed by a Q&A with producer Judy Richardson.

SCARRED JUSTICE tells the story of South Carolina’s 1968 Orangeburg Massacre, an incident often termed the Kent State of the South. In 1968, police opened fire near the campus of South Carolina State University, leaving three young African-American men dead and 27 people wounded. Unlike a similar incident at Kent State, the incident did not make national headlines, and there has never been an official investigation into what occurred that night. Scarred Justice investigates the continued cover-up of the tragedy and follows ongoing efforts to seek justice.

The Henry Hampton Minority Documentarian Series aims to share documentary films made by minority filmmakers or that depict the stories of often underrepresented groups with a focus on the African-American experience.

This event is part of the Law, Identity and Culture Initiative, in the School of Law, (Un)Civil Mediations: A Civil Rights and Visual Culture Symposium, co-sponsored with the Washington University Libraries System; African & African American Studies and the American Culture Studies programs, the Department of Art History & Archaeology and the Center for the Humanities in the College of Arts & Sciences; the Missouri History Museum and the Post Race? Interrogations, Provocations & Disruptions Lecture Series with support funding from the Office of the Provost, Diversity & Inclusion Grants.


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