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Documenting Ferguson receives a 2015 NSDA Innovation Award

4 Nov
Photo by Mark Regester from the Documenting Ferguson Digital Repository.

Photo by Mark Regester from the Documenting Ferguson Digital Repository.

Congratulations to the Documenting Ferguson team for receiving the 2015 NSDA Innovation Award! From the press release, “Awardees were selected based on how their work or their project’s whose goals or outcomes represent an inventive, meaningful addition to the understanding or processes required for successful, sustainable digital preservation stewardship.”

The Documenting Ferguson Project is on-going and the project has the ultimate goal of providing diverse perspectives on the events in Ferguson and the resulting social dialogue. Contribute your voice to the discussion by adding your images, videos or personal stories to the collection.


National Film Preservation Foundation Grant

14 Jun
George T. Keating Home Movie featuring Ford Madox Ford

George T. Keating Home Movie featuring Ford Madox Ford

Washington University’s Film & Media Archive has been awarded a National Film Preservation Foundation (NFPF) grant to preserve the only known footage of the influential writer, editor, and critic, Ford Madox Ford.

Ford Madox Ford was one of the most prolific writers and literary critics of the 20th century. He is well-known for his personal and professional associations with legendary writers, such as Joseph Conrad (with whom he collaborated on three novels), Ernest Hemingway, Henry James, Thomas Hardy, H.G. Wells, James Joyce and Ezra Pound, among others. His 1915 novel, The Good Soldier, is often cited by critics as a masterpiece. For example, it is listed in Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels and The Observer included it in their 100 Greatest Novels of All Time.

Ford lived in Paris in the 1920s and in addition to being a writer published an influential journal, The Transatlantic Review. He published numerous writers who would go on to great acclaim including Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, Jean Rhys, and many others. As a writer, Ford used innovative narrative techniques including intricate flashbacks and shifting of time, especially in his acclaimed novel, The Good Soldier.

The George T. Keating Home Movie featuring Ford Madox Ford consists of images of Mr. Ford enjoying an afternoon with family members and friends on the grounds of Mr. Keating’s home in Plainfield, New Jersey, circa 1929. As the only known footage of Mr. Ford in existence, this rare portrait preserves the legacy of one of the most prolific writers of modernist literature.

The Modern Literature/Manuscripts unit of Washington University Libraries Department of Special Collections also holds a collection of Mr. Ford’s papers, including drafts, galleys and correspondence. The preservation and accessibility of the George T. Keating Home Movie featuring Ford Madox Ford will complement these materials as researchers are provided with a more complete representation of Mr. Ford. Without preservation of this film, Mr. Ford only lives on through text-based resources.

The Film & Media Archive will screen the newly preserved film at the 2012 Home Movie Day event. In addition, the film will be screened at an event co-sponsored by the Modern Literature/Manuscripts unit of Special Collections. Scheduled for spring 2013, this event will showcase the film as well as the other Ford materials held by the university. In conjunction with this event, a digital exhibition will be made freely available via the web.  Like all Special Collections events, these events will be free and open to the public.

For a full list of the grants, see the National Film Preservation Foundation’s press release.